Pregnancy Program Not every pregnancy is pure bliss. For those struggling with addiction or psychological disorders, it can be a time of frustration, overwhelming pain, and difficulty. After all, addiction can put the baby’s health at risk, and exposure to medications that help you manage your psychological disorders can also harm your baby’s development. Is there really a place to turn for serious help? Absolutely. The Wellington Retreat’s unique Pregnancy Program.

Better Treatment, Better Results

rencontre gay seclin iStock_000008673418SmallA good treatment program is vital to your success and the health of your baby, but traditional programs aren’t geared toward the needs of pregnant women. At Wellington Retreat, we’ll not only offer you the skills and knowledge necessary to manage your condition or addiction, but we’ll also give you the tools to embrace motherhood, ensuring you know how to care for yourself and your baby. We make what seems impossible completely possible, which makes it easier than ever to make the right choice today. Located in beautiful West Palm Beach, our facility is a warm, welcoming space staffed with caring, competent professionals who genuinely care about you and your baby. To learn more about our program or to talk to someone who cares, contact us today.