Antidepressant Use Pregnancy Linked Preterm Birth New Study Suggests Preterm Birth and Antidepressants May Be Linked Preterm birth is a huge problem throughout the world, putting the life of the baby on the line and leading to long term development consequences. A new systematic review of published literature by researchers suggests that antidepressants can actually increase the risk of preterm birth, strengthening the conclusion that unless an expectant mother can’t manage without them, antidepressants should be… Read more Leave a comment

Special Pregnancy Concerns Bipolar Women

rencontre à wicker park bande annonce vf Many Concerns for Pregnant Women With Bipolar Bipolar disorder is nothing short of demanding. Unfortunately, the same can typically be said of pregnancy. Add them together, and you have some real potential for problems on your hands. A new study by the Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Alpert Medical School at Brown University and her colleagues suggested women who were pregnant and had bipolar disorder had a… Read more Leave a comment

Anxiety Disorders Pregnancy

When Anxiety Disorder and Pregnancy Occur Together . . . There’s nothing quite as exciting as pregnancy. For those with anxiety disorders, though, it’s a complex time. While there are many different treatments available for these disorders, some can create a risk to both the mother and the baby, making this one of the most difficult times in life to treat anxiety problems. Don’t Just Ignore the Problem Unfortunately, anxiety…

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Exercising Pregnancy Good Thing

Exercising During Pregnancy Is Beneficial Almost every pregnant mother is worried about newborn development, and taking good care of the body is one way to ensure the baby is as healthy as possible at the time of delivery. A new study from the University of Montreal suggests that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise at least three times each week can help to enhance newborn brain development, offering the baby…

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Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy

The Risk of Depression During Pregnancy Managing anxiety and depression is never an easy task, but it can be particularly difficult during pregnancy. Given the higher rates of depression in women and the risk being so high during childbearing years, special precautions should be taken by women who might become pregnant, according to a new article by the Staff Psychiatrist for the Reproductive Life Stages Program at Women’s College Hospital…

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Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy

Does Bipolar Disorder Cause Problems During Pregnancy? Pregnancy can be a rough time for any woman. Those already dealing with bipolar disorder, though, face more than their fair share of potential problems. More than that, however, is that since nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned, learning more about how the two work together is a must, as the onset of bipolar is typically at early adulthood. The Role of…

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Risk Autism Rises in Older Mothers

Concerns About Autism Increase As Maternal Age Does The rise in autism rates is easily one of the biggest concerns of the last two decades. New research suggests that as the age of the parents-to-be increases, so too does the risk of autism, particularly for mothers who are above the age of 30. The research comes from the Drexel University School of Public Health and the Karolinska Institute. Researchers’ conclusions…

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New Mothers Urged Continue Prescribed Antidepressants

Prescribed Antidepressants a Must, Even For New Moms There’s been extensive concern about pregnant women and new mothers taking antidepressants, but new data from the Danish National Birth Cohort in Denmark looked at 369 women on antidepressants before pregnancy, and found that those who continue taking them are far more successful at breastfeeding than those who did not. A Drop In Usage The study results suggested that nearly two-thirds of…

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Alcohol Problems Specifically Related Women

Alcohol and Women: A Rough Relationship It’s long been known there are several problems related to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, some of those problems only happen to women. This fact alone makes alcohol abuse among women far more dangerous than it is among men. Terrifying Consequences There are actually a number of differences in what happens when men drink and when women drink. For example, if both men and women drink…

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Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure Linked Cognitive Problems

Cognitive Problems Result from Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure Methamphetamine exposure isn’t good for anyone, but a new study suggests it’s particularly harmful for the fetus. In a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, long term prenatal methamphetamine exposure found that babies were at a higher risk of cognitive problems even by the age of seven. They concluded that early intervention was an absolute must. The Details Researchers looked at…

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