New Mothers Urged Continue Prescribed Antidepressants

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Prescribed Antidepressants a Must, Even For New Moms

look at these guys There’s been extensive concern about pregnant women and new mothers taking antidepressants, but new data from the Danish National Birth Cohort in Denmark looked at 369 women on antidepressants before pregnancy, and found that those who continue taking them are far more successful at breastfeeding than those who did not.

A Drop In Usage The study results suggested that nearly two-thirds of women stop taking antidepressants after they become pregnant or while they breastfeeding, but those who do continue the regimen are far more likely to reach six months and beyond with breastfeeding. Those who do not are far more likely to stop.

The Benefits Outweigh the Risks

great quotes for dating profiles Doctors have long touted breast milk as the best option for babies, and while there is concern about the baby getting antidepressant medication in the breast milk, the process and the milk still has great benefits for mom and baby alike, said one researcher. The amounts of antidepressants found in breast milk are quite low, and not taking it can mean poor outcomes.