Alcohol Problems Specifically Related Women

Alcohol and Women: A Rough Relationship

vk rencontre It’s long been known there are several problems related to alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, some of those problems only happen to women. This fact alone makes alcohol abuse among women far more dangerous than it is among men.

Terrifying Consequences

click There are actually a number of differences in what happens when men drink and when women drink. For example, if both men and women drink equal amounts, women absorb far more alcohol than men do, and it takes longer to break down in their bodies thanks to a woman’s body composition and chemistry. Women are impaired sooner and for much longer than men are. Additionally, if a woman is taking birth control, the alcohol leaves her body at a slower rate than even her counterparts who are not on birth control.
Add that to the fact that practices like binge-drinking puts women at risk for sexual assault, rape, unprotected sex, multiple sex partners, and STDs, and you have a volatile combination.
To further emphasize the risk, it’s important to note that alcohol-related liver diseases are higher in women than in men, and women are at an increased risk of heart damage if they drink. Moreover, women with a drinking problem are less likely to seek help, and their problems tend to go undetected longer.
There are so many risks associated with being a female drinker – that next drink may not be worth it.

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